Innately curious, meticulously analytical, and naturally inventive, Quaverly is drawn to exploring questions of human potential.

     As a court stenographer she has a front-row seat to judges, juries, and all who come before them. Listening to the indigent, the innocent, and the police, Quaverly has learned what exactly courts can and cannot do for society, and this leaves her with many questions about our future and our needs.
     Quaverly devotes the majority of her time to community and has become a go-to person for families, individuals, and institutions in need, serving on the Bridge Street School Council and the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association, and helping the New England Innocence Project and residents of the Hairston House.
    She envisions a future in Northampton where everyone can thrive, and she believes that it’s achievable as long as we collaborate with compassion and courage.